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We are a Dubai-based international organization that has 20+ years of experience in navigating the complex citizenship and residency by investment process on behalf of hundreds of highly satisfied clients.


Our name is inspired by the French word Élevé, meaning ‘to rise’ or ‘to elevate’ and our logo symbolizes the Arctic Tern, the farthest migrating Bird in the world. We are a company dedicated to helping elevate our clients; to connect with the world on their own terms, secure their children’s future, diversify their investments and conserve their wealth.

“We help people to achieve the freedom that they dream of by unlocking the doors to a life with fewer boundaries and more of the kind of opportunities that can sometimes only come with the right citizenship and passport. With a combined team experience of 20 years in the business, we take pride in offering quality service on the ground in countries across the world.”


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We give clients direct access to their consultant at all times. We prioritize their needs over our bottom line.


We are honest and straightforward with our clients, even when it feels uncomfortable.


We are passionate about the power of what we do, the services we provide and the people we help.

Qualified Staff

When offering advice, we share not only our recommendations but also our reservations.

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Our Expert Team

Sallma El Shurafa
Salma El Shurafa
Mahmoud Saber
Tawfik Ali
Fouad Abdo
Fouad Abdo
Abdelrahman Hamdy
Abdelrahman Hamdy
Mohamed Jammel
Mohamed Jammel
James Payson
Chris Robinson
Ehab Shaat
Ehab Shaat
Patricia Dublin Lewis
Basmala Sherif
Basmalla Sherif
Madona Adel
Madona Adel
Enitan Osunsanya
Enitan Osunsanya
Bushra Qadeer
Bushra Qadeer
Aya Khalil
Aya Khalil

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