Elevay Citizenship & Residency by Investment

Refund Policy

ELEVAY would like to advise and make aware that all fees are set based on the common standard of process and that if additional requirements are requested, additional fees may apply.  

1. Rejections

Fees paid by the client are fully non-refundable in the case where a file has been rejected for reasons the respective governments deem inadmissible. If a file has been rejected due to negligence on behalf of ELEVAY, fees paid may be refunded.

2. Discontinuation of Services

In the case of a client providing written notice to ELEVAY to discontinue services in progress, ELEVAY shall immediately take all steps necessary to cancel the client’s application. However, the client acknowledges and agrees that fees have been fully earned by ELEVAY and are non-refundable.  The client further acknowledges and agrees that the fees are intended to reimburse ELEVAY’s professional consulting time, services and legal expenses directly incurred by ELEVAY on behalf of the CLIENT pursuant to their service agreement. 

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